Critical Path Project

In cooperation with The Critical Path Institute headed up by Ray Woosley, academic researchers and other stakeholders, we are seeking to promote support for and participation in activities that advance the Critical Path Initiative. The challenge facing the world is disease, not unsafe medicines. Drug safety is critical, but it is a decision that should be based on individual risk factors identified using new tools, better science-based information and greater consumer control over health information.

We recently had a conference with over 100 journalists, scientists, and policymakers in attendance that looked at the media?s emphasis on the risks of medicines at the expense of a more balanced approach to coverage.

CMPI is now conducting research as to whether or not consumers will actually benefit from follow-on biologics compared to increased investment in new biologics. We are also holding a conference in Washington about alternatives to proposals to restrict patient and physician access to drugs as a way to limit drug risk contained in Institute of Medicine report and congressional FDA proposals. Our approach would rely on biomarkers based trials and more advanced health information technology in the post market. This latter activity is being conducted in cooperation with patient groups and the Critical Path Institute.
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